My Home

My living room is a balance between my obsession with mid century modern and my partner’s love of earthy tones and textures. I have filled the space with items we both love that are both new and vintage. I love wall shelving because it makes for great storage and display and when used properly can help make a space feel larger.

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26 thoughts on “My Home

  1. Josh, Thanks for the twitter follow!
    Love your place! Great design work!
    I can draw, sculpt and Paint, but can’t decorate??? Wish I had this gene, LOL!
    Best of luck to you.

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  3. Josh, your place looks great — love the green tones! I noticed the two end tables next to your coffee table — I like the look!

  4. Thanks. I got the idea when I couldn’t find a coffee table that I liked that was large enough to create the look I wanted. The tables are metal so they can actually be used as stools for extra seating if necessary.

  5. Your home is beautiful. I can imagine entering, closing the door after a busy day, and feeling the calm. Your colours and flow are so soothing, calming. Lovely colours! The warm brown wall/curtains that frame the window complements the sunlight.

  6. Jayne – Thank you very much. My home is my tranquil little oasis in thi crazy town. The color is definitely from Behr. I will have to track down the can and let you know what the color name and number is. If you want to send me an email, I will get it to you as soon as I can find the can.

  7. josh….one word for you…GORGEOUS! why do you have to live so far away from me? i am house hunting for a fixer-upper so the ENTIRE house will be gutted and re-designed. i’m excited to get my hands dirty and design it how i want, but it’s a little overwhelming too. i’ll probably bug you for advice 😉

  8. Love the brackets for your wall shelves (along with almost everything else in the room). Can you tell me where you got them?
    Thanks, Angela

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