What about the ceiling?

A common forgotten space in most rooms is the ceiling. There are many ways to be visual interest to this often neglected surfaces. One of the easiest is to simply paint them anything other than white. You can paint a contrasting color, an accent color, or even the same color as the walls. You could also paint patterns or designs.

This beautiful gold ceiling paint provides contrast and makes the ceiling fade away because it is a lighter shade than the walls.

Painting the ceiling the same color as the wall makes the room feel larger by making the ceiling disappear.

Paiting the walls and ceiling extremely dark can make a huge space feel smaller and create tons of drama!

This punch of purple on the ceiling pulls the lavendar accent color out of the floor and cabinets while bringing the celing down making the pale room seem cozier.

Painting stripes on the ceiling is another great way to provide interest. These are dark, high contrast but you could also do the same by just using same color in two finishes to provide a much more subtle look.

Using a stencil to paint a design on the ceiling provides loads fo style and visual interest!

Another great way to get pattern and designs on the ceiling is to use wallpaper. While this can be a little more expensive, it probably wouldn’t take half as long as stenciling a pattern onto the ceiling.

There is lots to love in this room. From the cowhide floor to the striped ceiling, its all fabulous. The ceiling is a striped wallpaper which helps the room feel larger.

A traditional pattern but oversized patter is much more modern. I really love how this patter bring the eye up making the room feel larger and of course much more modern.

Another one of my favorite things in older homes is the pressed tin ceilings. It creates drama and adds a huge amount of style to any room. I love the contrast between this very traditional look and modern furnishings. Plus in today’s market, you can buy paintable wallpaper that looks like these traditional tiles in a huge variety of patterns and painted to match any decor.

These beautiful ceilings are classic and can work in a variety of different homes. You can see how they add style and interest to any space.

Another great idea is to actually use the ceiling. I love this idea featured on Apartment Therapy, especially if you have exposed rafters.

Use the ceiling. We all could use extra stroage.

Of course, you can do wood or rattan on the ceiling but that can get really expensive really fast.

This wood ceiling creates interest while still adding to the modern decor.

There are tons of other options for ceilings as well. They can be done with just about any budget and  within any style. The best tip I can give is just don’t forget about the ceilings. I don’t have anything done to mine currently because I am in a rental and it bugs me everyday.

3 thoughts on “What about the ceiling?

  1. Love this post! I never think of doing anything to my ceilings. I especially love the purple one and the yellow stripes.

  2. I am ready to tackle one of your ceilings. I have been thinking about your Master Bathroom!

  3. i’m with carey! the purple ceiling is fabulous! i’ll have to remember that for my new office space next year. definitely catches your eye!

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