NBC’s Fall 2011 Lineup

I am not one of those designers who pretends to not watch TV. I love it! I need it for background noise while I work and I generally just love watching TV. I remember growing up our whole family would crowd into our little living room and gather around the TV. Early on, it was Knots Landing that we all loved then it became the Thursday night “Must See TV” line up on NBC that we all gathered for. Sadly, we all grew up and went our separate ways; however, TV still bonds us together in some ways. Whether on the phone or in person, we still rehash the shows we are watching.

Not only has life changed for my family and I but NBC has also been struggling over the last several years. Once the number one major network, NBC has been resting in fourth place for years. NBC has become better known for line-up changes and controversial debacles rather than offering great shows. Of course, they still have some great shows but generally they are not the go to network for quality programming. With the release of NBC’s plan for their 2011-2012 Prime-time Lineup, I am a somewhat optimistic about the Network’s ability to at least possibly climb to third place. Here are a few of the new shows on the NBC schedule that excite me (some technical glitch between NBC and WordPress, so I couldn’t post the clips, but they are linked to the images):

Ups: Casting…. these are 3 comedy heavy hitters in a show with lots of promise, Story…. very relatable
Downs: Could easily become very predictable, May be expensive, so it might not last.

Ups: Retro Chic…. a la Mad Men, Intrigue
Downs: The cast isn’t well known

Ups: Whitney Cummings is hilarious.
Downs: Not an original concept, The laugh track

Ups: Sci-Fi, cop drama….yes, yes, yes and original
Downs: Lots of special effects make a show pretty expensive and Friday night isn’t a good time slot

Now some of the mid-season replacements and upcoming shows look really good, but it is a little alarming to see how many shows they will have ready to replace anything that is not performing. Remember when shows actually had a chance to build an audience, well that is a long gone by and NBC is geared up to replace anything not performing. The mid-season replacement for The Playboy Club will be Smash, a musical drama about the making of a Broadway show. This combines so many of my favorite things – tv, broadway, Debra Messing, Angelica Houston, and Kathryn McPhee!

Ups: Broadway, Music, Huge Stars, New music
Downs: Extremely Expensive so ratings have to be amazing and Potentially Limited Audience

Now the rest of the NBC future line up is still in the air. They have many shows slated with some of my favorite stars like Amanda Peet, Chelsea Handler, and Betty White. The overuse of the laugh track might plague NBC’s new comedies and the dramas may be plagued by expensive casts and writers. One show that does look promising and I truly hope makes it on air is Awake. This drama about who cannot tell the difference between his real life and his dreams. You have to watch the preview to get it. It looks amazing.

Ups: Original, interesting story line, great acting
Downs: Could get too complex to not watch from the beginning, big cast

These shows may not help NBC regain its past glory. I hope they give the shows a chance to build an audience. I am tired of getting initially interested in a show only to see it canceled a few weeks in or not picked up for a second season. I am excited for some new TV to discuss with my mom and my sisters.

Oh by the way…. these pictures and videos are property of NBC. I took them from their website.


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