Is this Dolly painting a Warhol?

I love both Andy Warhol and Dolly Parton and would love to have the Warhol’s painting of Dolly. This piece is beautiful and of course controversial. In 2006, the piece went up for auction at Southeby’s and was expected to fetch about $1.5 million; however, the piece did not sell. Controversy swirled when the painting went up for auction with many detractors saying the unsigned painting wasn’t actually a Warhol.

Horst Weber, an artist who produced thousands of Warhol images from stock photos that Warhol sold as his own, tells the New York Post it’s likely one of his rather than an actual Warhol: “Although we made many paintings of Dolly Parton, I remember this particular one as I decided to make it with sugary colors. And the fact that this painting of Dolly Parton is unsigned means there is a very good chance that Warhol had never actually laid eyes on it.”

The painting sold to Alice Walton (of the Wal-Mart Waltons) in 2010 for just shy of a million dollars.

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