Commercials worth watching…..

From ABC to HGTV and everything else on Direct-TV, I watch tons and tons of television. It is my favorite background noise when I am working, reading, writing, or just vegging out. TV is my friend and generally speaking, commercials are the enemy. You may be as surprised as I am to know that TV was broadcasted in the United States from July 2, 1928 until July 1, 1941 without any paid commercials. Then on that day in July of 1941 during a Brooklyn Dodgers game, TV history was made when a 20-second scene of a Bulova clock face appeared on their screens, overdubbed with the phrase, “The world runs on Bulova time.” The estimated 4,000 viewers witnessed a milestone that changed TV forever.  A complete bargain, Bulova paid $9 for the ad which is an estimated $134 in today’s market.

I usually record everything and watch it later to avoid commercials; however, I have been drawn in by a few commercials that have touched me and made think about how artistic commercials have become.

This is the current commercial for Google Chrome featuring the  It Gets Better Project

This Nissan Leaf commercial makes me tear up. It says everything without actually saying much.

This one just makes me giggle.

This Louis Vuitton commercial is beautifully shot.

My favorite Apple ad….

For more information on early television history, check out A U. S. Television Chronology, 1875-1970

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