Inspired for Less: E27 Pendant Light

I love a simple industrial inspired pendant and have had my eye on the E27 Pendant Light from Design Within Reach for my office for quiet a while. I love how simple and clean it is but I don’t want to spend $79 on a cord and a bulb. I was very happy to see more of the Industrial Lighting series at West Elm. I have already mentioned their Industrial Pendant a while back. (You may have noticed that I am more than a little obsessed with finding good deals on lighting lately.) So, what’s so special about WE’s Single Socket Pendant., it is less expensive and available in red, yellow, black, and white. It is only $29 online… on sale in store for $19.99 (I bought 2!) but does not include the bulb like the DWR pendant does.

“The simplicity of the naked bulb is hard to compete with” – Mattias Ståhlbom

DWR’s E27 Pendant Light – $79

WE’s Single Socket Pendant – $29 + $15 (bulb)

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