That dam bridge…..

While I often complain about the lack of cultural and exciting things to do in Las Vegas, I do make lots of attempts at checking out the local flare. Yesterday, one of my good friends and I decided to make the short journey over the the Hoover Dam to check out the new bypass that routes traffic off the dam to a newly constructed bridge that gives you amazing views of the dam that were previously only possible to serious hikers and helicopter riders.

The Mike O’Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge also known as the Colorado River Bridger is the central portion of the Hoover Dam Bypass Project. Construction on the nearly 2,000 foot long bridge (with a beautiful 1,060 foot twin-rib concrete arch) began in late January 2005 and traffic began using the Hoover Dam Bypass on October 19, 2010. This signature bridge spans the Black Canyon about 1,500 feet south of the Hoover Dam, connecting the Arizona and Nevada Approach highways nearly 900-feet above the Colorado River.

This slideshow includes some photos from the bridge’s construction, some great shots I found on other sites, and many that I took yesterday as we walked across the bridge and drove across the dam.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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