Breaking the rule….

I have always been a fan of breaking rules. One of my favorite rules to break is the Rule of Three. According to Houzz; “the basic idea of the rule: information and objects that appear in threes are more appealing, memorable, and effective than other numbers of objects.” Don’t get me wrong, it is not that I whole hardily disagree with this rule, I just believe it treating it a little more like a suggestion.

Ok, ok. It is just that there so many other important design elements that should be considered other than just the quantity of items. In my experiences with both clients and in sales, I have had to explain over and over again why quantity isn’t the only thing that matters. I have explained proportion and scale, balance, contrast, color, and texture over and over again and it just doesn’t seem to click for many. They just want three (insert accessory here) stuck together. So while, I am not proclaiming to never abide by this rule or to say that there are not any three bunches anywhere… but here are some examples of my work that show a little bit different approach to finishing a space.

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