I think I have a twitter problem.

I never thought I could be so excited about 140 little characters but I find that I am reading twitter as if it were breaking news. I read posts incessantly when sitting at home. While I am out, I read posts on my iPhone. Even now, I have twitter open in my browser, tweet deck is open, and my phone is hanging out on my lap. I am checking my followers constantly trying to see what my new tweeps are saying. I feel so connected and like I am learning something new constantly.

I learn about a variety of things from how to better market my business to the latest trends in design to what different people had for dinner. I know where my friend are because it shows up in my feed. I also know it sounds crazy but twitter is changing things for everyone and I am glad to be on board.

2 thoughts on “I think I have a twitter problem.

  1. Very well said, and how I feel about Twitter exactly! In fact, I discovered you on Twitter when you gave me a lovely FF# shoutout, thank you for that! I am now one of your new followers, and love your blog! Nice to “meet” you!

  2. Nice to “meet” you as well. I am really into retro modern interiors and I have retweeted you occasionally. Thanks for checking out my blog!

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