Design Legend: Michael Thonet

Michael Thonet was a German-Austrian pioneer in the industrialization of furniture manufacturing, whose experiments in the production of bentwood furniture widely influenced both contemporary and modern styles and whose functional and exquisitely designed chairs are still being manufactured. Thonet was able to achieve effects that conventionalized woodworkers had only been able to appear to attain – continuous sweeping lines from the arms of chairs and over the backs without involving a sacrifice of standards.

Furniture Characteristics

  • Bentwood.
  • Very Durable.
  • Light Weight
  • Assembled Pieces.

Thonet’s Model No. 14 was the most reproduced café chair of the 20th Century, defined by its dependable bentwood construction and simple form. Thonet was able to obtain a patent for his bentwood manufacturing technique in 1856 and later became a major manufacturer of bentwood furniture. Below are a few images of his work andor works that were designed using his bentwood techniques including.

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