Puppy love….

I never, ever thought that I would become a dog person. I always like the idea of dogs; however, I had no desire to put up with them or clean up after them. Their constant shedding and desire to have my attention were always a little off putting.

Then one fine day about 3 years ago, we found our sweet little Beagle. Sullivan Oprah Riley-Taylor…. (Sully for short) changed my world. She was so sweet and small and beautiful. She loved us from the first moment we held her. She was a little lonely though so we had to go find her a playmate. That is when we got Rupert Ling-Ling Riley-Taylor.

My life was forever changed by these little hairy monsters and over the years, they have changed as well. They are so close and so sweet to one another but yet so very different. Sully wants attention on her terms. She lays in the bed and occasionally wants you to pet her and love on here. Rupert is always next to me. He is such a lap dog. He loves cuddling and laying under a blanket on the couch. He and I really have a lot in common.

Now as I write this blog, I realize just how much I treat these dogs like my babies. I can’t imagine my life without them and I don’t know how I ever survived before they rocked my world.

6 thoughts on “Puppy love….

  1. they are adorable! ive always grown up with big dogs like labradors & great danes. but when i got older i ended up with two yorkies. haha! i love my little guys. they bring a lot of special moments into our lives, don’t they? ❤

  2. I know how you feel. I have a Maltese named Gidget. She is my baby. She gets excited when I come home and snuggles me when I’m sick (or pretty much anytime). Once you bring an animal into your life you truly start to realize how connected they become in your life.

  3. Oh I’m just being silly…so many people I know have adopted animals from the spca or other animal rescue groups, there are t-shirts etc. that say ‘I rescued my dog’ so I reverse that, just for fun, because my dogs give me so much joy I can’t imagine life without them. In answer to your question, now that I think on it, they rescued me from a life where I was too serious and rarely took the time to enjoy walks everyday and play in the moment. Your dogs are gorgeous and the photos are fantastic btw. Have a great dog day!

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