House Style: Cotswold Cottage

Cotswold Cottages were first built in the Cotswold Hills of Gloucester, Hereford and Worcester, England, starting about the time of the Norman conquest in 1066. The name is derived from “cot” (cottage) and “wold” (wood) – cottage in a wood. The romantic design was very popular throughout the United States in the 1920s and 1930s.

Typically, Cotswold Cottage style homes have a combination of the following characteristics:

  • One-and-one-half to two stories
  • Asymmetrical plan
  • Cross-gabled, medium to steeply pitched roof, sometimes with clipped gables
  • Half-timbering
  • Arrangements of tall, narrow windows in bands; small window panes either double-hung or casement
  • Over scaled chimneys with decorative brickwork and chimney pots
  • In the English Cottage, a steeply gabled, enclosed entry is common
  • Cozy, irregularly-shaped rooms

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2 thoughts on “House Style: Cotswold Cottage

  1. this style is my absolutely fave! we are house hunting now and looking for something with beautiful, original character like the ones you have pictured. but i also love huge, open loft spaces with exposed brick so finding something in the middle of the two may be the way to go 😉 lol

  2. They are amazing. So much character and style. There are many adaptations if you live in the right part of the country.

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