iPhone love…..

I know this may sound ridiculous but I am completely obsessed with my iPhone. My obsession with my cell phone can actually be traced back to my very first phone which to be completely honest, I can’t even tell you what it was. I just know it was on the now defunct Alltel network and came with a beautiful large black carrying bag. There was no texting, facebooking, or tweeting back then, just long phone calls and really expensive phone bills.

My most recent phone before I purchased the iPhone was an Android and every time I tried to use it , I wanted to throw it against the wall. It was the absolute worst thing that I have ever put in my hand and trust me, I have had a lot of nasty things in my hands.

The Verizon got iPhone and everything changed. My tweets accelerated. My business has improved. Life is good. I love my phone. There, I said it!

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