April is upon us, spring is in the air, life has been renewed……

I am currently sitting in my living room looking out at the grass and green trees that serve as beautiful sculptures. Each one in stark contrast to the desert landscape surrounding our condo complex. Of course, the desert isn’t all brown and desolate like it is often portrayed in TV’s shows and in movies. Well, at least not year round. This time of year a multitude of generally boring looking bushes come alive with vibrant colors of orange, yellow, and fuchsia. Despite the annoyance of my allergies, this is my favorite time of year. I love to see the grass turn green as life reenters is tarnished leaves, I love to see flowers grow from unexpected places, and most of all I love the feeling of new that Spring delivers. Feelings of hope are rejuvenated and life possible just isn’t so bad.

With that said, April has begun and spring is officially upon us. I can’t wait to go out and explore a little desert bloom this year but for now, I will just have to reflect upon this time last year and the drive my partner and I took through Valley of Fire State Park. The flowers were beautiful and the rock formations transformed into Mother Nature’s sculpture garden. I love finding art in nature and Spring is the perfect time of year to explore and see all that nature has to offer. Here are some photos from Valley of Fire, I can’t wait to go explore somewhere new this year. (Sorry if some of the pictures are duplicates….There was a little technical difficulty)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To celebrate my birthday, I plan to write a blog post about something I love each day for the entire month of April. Today’s post is obviously about my love for Spring. I am excited to get started and even more excited that Spring is finally here to help renew my spirit just as it has ushered in new life to the grass beneath our feet.

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