Alvar Aalto… legend

Alvar Aalto was born in Kuortane, Finland in 1898, the son of a surveyor. He graduated with honors from Helsinki Polytechnic in 1921 after which he opened his own practice. Although his early work borrowed from the neoclassic movement, he eventually adapted the symbolism and functionalism of the Modern Movement to generate his plans and forms. Aalto’s mature work embodies a unique functionalist/expressionist and humane style. Alvar Aalto generated a style of functionalism which avoided romantic excess and neoclassical monotony. Although Aalto borrowed from the International Style, he utilized texture, color, and structure in creative new ways. He refined the generic examples of modern architecture that existed in most of Europe and recreated them into a new Finnish architecture. Aalto’s designs were particularly significant because of their response to site, material and form. The spectrum of Aalto’s work exhibits a sensual detailing that separates him from most of his contemporaries. Aalto was a master of form and planning, as well as of details that relate a building successfully to its users.

Furniture Characteristics:

  • Texture, Color, and Structure provide interest
  • Symbolism and Functionalism.
  • Attention to Site, material, and form.
  • Sensual Detailing.

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