This inspired that….

In 1939, the brilliant Alvar Alto designed the Easy Chair 406. This armchair has also been known as the Pension Chair because it allows the user to be suspened in a state of “retirement.”  The cantilevered birch frame, solid birch cross rails and linen webbed seat create a chair made for total comfort and relaxation. The chair is extremely lightweight but constructed with durability in mind. It is a timeless design that is well-suited in any space. Made in Finland by Artek. This chair retails for $1470-$2470 depending on your personal selections.

The iconic 406 has inspired many other designers and perhaps one of the most common adaptations of this chair is the Poäng Chair from IKEA. Also made of a cantilevered birch frame, Poäng is a comfortable, beautiful chair. Oh yeah, did I mention that Poäng is only $99-$299 depending on your personal selections.

I guess the only question is which one can you afford and of course, can you tell them apart? It is easy to see how 406 inspired Poäng. And by the way the Poäng is on the left.