My early inspiration and work

After years of not know what I wanted to do, I finally decided in 2003 after watching hours and hours of TLC’s Trading Spaces and HGTV that I wanted to design houses. I had no idea what that meant or exactly what I didn’t know, I simply knew that I was fascinated by design and had sort of developed a knack for it.

You see all my life, my momma was obsessed with rearranging our house. Almost every Saturday morning, she would make my sister Judith and I get up and help her move furniture. Sometimes would simply move furniture around the room and sometimes we would completely change up the main rooms of the house. We would drag the sofa literally from one end of the house to the other trying to determine if it should be in the den or in the living room. Sometimes, the den would become a dining room and sometimes we just didn’t have a dining room. We moved furniture a lot.

Reflecting back, I really enjoyed these times with my mom and sister.  We laughed, we cried, and we sure as hell bitched a lot.  I think these were the moments that most affected my desire to design. I must also admit that my mom’s affection for knick-knacks, ducks in the 80s, and birdhouses in the 90s also had a huge impact on my desire to minimize and use large scale accessories.

All this thinking about how my aesthetic has evolved over many, many years had me looking at my original portfolio. Here are some pictures of three sets of my design boards from my undergraduate days at the University of Central Arkansas. I didn’t keep them after I graduated and I regret that now. They caused me lots of grief and I slaved over them for hours but yet disposed of them on graduation day…..not smart….