HGTV’s Secrets of a Stylist Reviewed

I just watched the HGTV’s new show Secrets of a Stylist from Design Star winner Emily Henderson for the first time and I must admit that was actually surprised how much I enjoyed the show. I liked Emily on Design Star and was excited when she won. On Secrets, Her somewhat quirky personality and sense of humor shine through making her even more delicious.

I love that Emily isn’t out shopping at only high-end and first-hand stores like many other designers on HGTV but is truly searching for great pieces for the clients.  Her ability to mix old and new to create unique spaces makes her one of the most brilliant designers on TV.  From reupholstered flea market finds to new luxurious pieces, her take on design is fresh, different, and real.

The concept of the show is unique and intriguing. I didn’t expect to watch the show and walk away with many ideas; however, I really love her photographic catalog of pieces that she wants to use in the future. I do something similar; however, my catalog is usually of inspiration not pieces that I really want to use in my spaces. I love her way of determining the client’s style as well.

In the episode that I viewed (Hollywood Regency meets Country Club), the walls of the room were painted twice to show a difference in the styles and progression of Emily’s design; however, it struck me as wasteful. I completely understand why the walls were painted then repainted again. I just think it was a waste of both time and resources and hope that this isn’t a trend on every episode. In some ways, I feel this diminished the importance of the selection of paint color which I believe can often times be the single biggest decision made when designing a space.

My only other complaint about the show is that it feels rushed. In HR meets CC, the design and then layering in of the other styles seemed to just happen. There was not much time spent talking about all the great Secrets that created the space and I would have like to have experienced more of the design rather than seeing a rushed shot of the installation with Emily’s voice-over.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Secrets of a Stylist. I just hope in future episodes to hear a few more secrets. I also wonder if HGTV should consider expanding the show to an hour so that there is really time to reflect on the styles presented and learn a little more about them.  This would allow for the presentation of more of Emily’s secrets and for her to have time to show more of her design process.

You should also check out Emily’s Blog and HGTV’s website for other great ideas. Of course, all the photos in this post are from HGTV’s website.

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