Top 10: Reasons why I started a design focused blog….

Since mentioning my desire to start a blog that is primarily design focused, many people have asked me a variety of questions that all ball down to why. I have given it much thought and these are the top 10 serious, questionable, and seriously questionable reasons why I decided to start this venture.


10. I thought this would be a great platform to share my thoughts, ideas, and creativity.

9. Sometimes my thoughts are just uncomfortable and I would rather write them than speak them.

8. I wanted to bring a little down to earth realness to a design blog.

7. People often ask for my advice, this saves a step.

6. I find myself amusing.

5. It could eventually be profitable. Many designers have grown their businesses through blogging.

4. My momma always said “sharin’ is carin’”.

3. I have oodles of free time on my hands

2.  At heart, I guess I am a hipster and blogging is so right now.

1. I feel like the design blog world is missing a man’s perspective. Even if mine is at times that of a girly man, it has to help.