Inspired Style for Less: Corona Sofa

I am a huge fan of mid-century modern design. I love all furniture from that period and most of the fabric and textiles. When I was working on redoing my living room, I was desperate to find a sofa that had the look and feel of mid-century without breaking my bank. I was walking through a mall…. A MALL of all places when I found what has turned out to be the perfect sofa from Macy’s of all places. The Corona Sofa has held up really well so far especially considering the tiny $699 price tag.

Now, I am sure this is not the first blog to mention this steal but I actually own, use, and love the Corona. This sofa has truly given me the exact look I wanted for 65% less  than the sofa that I considered from DWR . Compare DWR’s Bantam Sofa to Macy’s Corona. This is truly inspired style for less!