We all start somewhere

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I have spent the last several weeks trying to get this blog and my design business’s website up and running. I have felt exhausted and extremely frustrated; however, I really have enjoyed it over all. Throughout this process, I have been forced to reflect on my past, present, and future. I have determined that there are two things that affect everything in my life. It doesn’t matter what aspect I try to examine, these two things seem to show up as strong influences and if you are going to read my blog, you should probably know them up front. So brace yourself for these revelations: I am gay and I am southern.

Now, this is not earth shattering if you know me or have seen my work; however, these two simple things have had a huge influence on my life.  They are evident in my design aesthetic, my choice of words in both my writing and speech patterns, and my often demented sense of humor.  I say things like “dumb bitch”( in my strongest southern accent) to make people laugh. I say “bless your heart” and “sweet baby Jesus” to describe things that I find ignorant, odd, or just to be funny.  One of my good friends says that I am a narcissistically, humorous homo because I laugh hardest at my own jokes while checking out other guys.

Enough rambling about myself, I hope you are here because you like my design work so I should probably talk a little about my perspective on interiors and all things design. I am odd. I like to do things a little different. I don’t believe in the “rules of design” nor do I believe everything belongs in odd numbered groupings. I don’t like clutter but I love stuff. I am more than slightly obsessed with side tables, wall shelving, owls, and Dolly Parton. I like to refinish furniture and shop for vintage décor. I am an artist but I can’t really paint. I am me and I like that.  I prefer dark spaces but can do light and bright equally as well.

I hope you have enjoyed this ramble and will come back and read some more of my posts. I will try to post often but I think I have said enough for now.

5 thoughts on “We all start somewhere

  1. Yay for a Josh blog finally!!! 1. Love the kid photos. You really are precious. 🙂 2. Love some of your sayings. 3. Love everything about you.

  2. Thanks Carey! I am really excited to get this up and running. I am going to post daily so make sure you check back and spread the word.

  3. I’m excited about your design blog. You’re my favorite southern homo.

  4. I love everything about what you wrote here, and as long you promise to never feature a velvet art painting of Dolly Parton, I think we’ll get along just great 😉 Sounds like you’ve found your design voice – looking forward to hearing more!

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