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At j. taylor designs, we do more than just create beautiful spaces. We strive to educate and inform our clients of the latest trends and classic styles. We speak to and through the principles of great art and great design so our clients understand their space and exactly what it is that makes it so beautiful.

We have a strong reverence for individual style as we believe that it is what makes each and every person unique and beautiful. We never want to change a clients opinion of beauty only enhance their personal style to levels they may have not believed were achievable. We believe that the home is the most intimate portrayal of style and personality and that a well designed space is an extension of the client’s own personal style.

While we love hearing “you’ve given me the home of my dreams”, we much prefer “this is even better than I ever imagined.” We seek to exceed both the client’s expectation of our design services and the beauty of their space, while also pushing ourselves to create spaces that extend beyond own imagination as we learn about our own expression of beauty when interpreting someone else’s style. We believe the job is not complete unless the client is in awe of their own home.

We do not just find inspiration in the work of their designers, magazines and catalog. We look to our culture, to art, and most importantly to our clients for inspiration. Our ultimate goal is not publication or notoriety; rather, it is the competed and total satisfaction of each individual client.


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